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I play a mix of blues and soul that sometimes even gets a little country twist. At a Kyle Phelan show, you can expect some slow jams, a few soul covers and tons of original music. Everyone loves to compare musicians so there’s a frame of reference, I used to get John Mayer a lot, which is an honor.  I don’t get a lot of “ hey you sound like…” much anymore. I’m just me. For some context, the biggest influences in my musical journey are Marvin Gaye, Marc Broussard, Brian McKnight, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Chris Stapleton, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, Otis Redding, Michael McDonald, Boz Skaggs, Billy Joel, and Gavin Degraw. 

I started playing guitar when I was 13, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out that’s what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I knew it was the only way when I tried working in the shipping department at Sony Music in Rancho Bernardo, CA when I was 18 years old. I graduated from high school, tried a semester of community college because my parents made me, but after failing miserably (mostly because I didn’t go) I got a “real job” and realized nothing would ever make me happy if it wasn’t music. So I started playing gigs around town in San Diego, eventually moved to Phoenix in 2008 and the rest is still in progress. I’ve released 5 studio albums, and am always working on the next one. 

When you listen to my music I want you to feel everything. That’s the beauty of good music. It gives us a sense of freedom to tap into the deep parts of the emotions we have bottled up inside when the words are set to a melody we can feel.  We may not otherwise give ourselves permission to feel or to truly experience those feelings, but everyone loves a good song. My intention with every song I write is to connect something real and raw with someone out there who can say "Yes, that’s me, I feel that way"  and my greatest hope and honor is to create music so that now you have the words and the melody that can be a place for what you are experiencing. It’s a beautiful thing to know that when I’m able to access something really deep and raw and true and put it into a song, someone out there is going to feel it too. 

I play music because, for me, there isn’t any other choice. Nothing else lights up my soul inside, and in my opinion, nothing is worth doing if you don't feel that fire.  I’ve written probably over a hundred songs, but either they’re not finished yet, or I just don’t have the right place for them. I'm always writing and recording and learning and growing, and I couldn't be more grateful that you're on this journey with me.  I hope you enjoy what you hear, and I get to meet you someday. 



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