Kyle Phelan plays guitar and sings from his soul, rooted in southern rock and blues. He writes songs that connect with real emotion and the raw feelings inside of all of us.

This singer/songwriter picked up a guitar at 13, played his first open mic night at 14, booked his first gig at 17 and never looked back. 

He’s spent the last 13 years solely as a professional musician in Phoenix, AZ, and decided this year was the year to start a new chapter in Chattanooga, TN. 

When you see him play, you can expect to hear a mix of blues and country, some slow jams, a few soul covers and tons of original music. Music is a dynamic art, it is constantly evolving and moving, and if you want to experience all of the beauty that music has to offer, you have to move too. Kyle’s unique blend of his favorite genres will leave you smiling, singing along, and coming back for more.